Craft Stories

Embark on a journey into India's rich cultural tapestry with our exquisite craft collection. Experience the enchanting artistry of hand-hammered copper and brassware, where each piece narrates a tale of skilled craftsmanship. Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Indian paintings, letting the ancient melodies of idiophones captivate your soul. Explore the intricate textiles and captivating designs of Namda toys and recycled iron figurines. From authentic musical instruments to vintage vehicles, each item holds a concealed narrative, waiting to be unveiled. Wrap yourself in the warm embrace of Himalayan wool apparel, adorn your style with handcrafted jewelry, and elevate your space with unique objects d'art. Discover the untold stories and embrace the diverse beauty of India's craftsmanship—an undiscovered world awaiting your appreciation.

Handcrafted Jewellery

Discover precision and passion in our expertly crafted jewelry collection. From stunning silver and brass to gemstones, pearls, and enamel, each exquisite piece is a testament to our artisans' skill. Whether for everyday elegance or special occasions, find a style that suits you uniquely. Elevate your look effortlessly with handcrafted jewelry that captivates the senses, making a statement in every setting. Adorn yourself with a masterpiece that tells a story, because your style deserves nothing short of extraordinary.

Ancient Idiophones

Explore the heritage of Idiophones by the Kutch-based Lohar community, crafted with local wood and scrap metal—an embodiment of Indian legacy. A standout is the Ghantada, a handmade treasure featuring a hand-carved wooden pendulum emitting unique tones, historically used for cattle identification. Skilled craftsmen expand their expertise to craft wind chimes and wall hangings, showcasing the rich traditions of this sustainable craft. These creations serve as poignant reminders to stay connected to our roots and cherish the enduring beauty of our traditions.

Hand Hammered Brassware

Explore our remarkable Gold Burnished Brassware collection, crafted from the finest, food-safe, and lead-free brass. Beyond enhancing the taste of your food, brass offers immunity and strength benefits while soothing sensations and improving skin condition. Our hand-beaten brassware cutlery boasts dining sets, rice spoons, chashaku, honey spoons, and tea spoons. Carefully crafted, this rust-resistant, earth-friendly collection ages gracefully, supporting Indian artisans and preserving the rare art of hand-hammered metalware.

Hand Hammered Copper Utensils

Discover our hand-hammered copper utensils—a true testament to skilled craftsmanship. Each piece boasts intricate designs, reflecting the beauty of Indian heritage. Crafted with care and precision, these utensils not only elevate your culinary experience but also offer health benefits. Copper's antimicrobial properties aid in digestion and metabolism regulation. From elegant serving bowls to practical kitchen essentials, DeKulture's hand-hammered copper utensils bring charm and functionality to your home. Embrace tradition and support skilled artisans with every use.

Kansa Vessels

Our Kansa vessels — a collection of traditional Indian utensils crafted from high-quality bronze. Elevate your cooking and dining experience with these handcrafted treasures. Kansa, also known as bell metal, is believed to possess Ayurvedic properties that enhance the flavour and nutritional value of food. Renowned for excellent heat conductivity and durability, these vessels range from serving bowls to tumblers. Our Kansa vessels not only bring a touch of tradition and health benefits to your kitchen but also support local artisans, contributing to the preservation of cultural heritage.

Easy Playing Instruments

Explore our exquisite collection of ancient Indian musical instruments, featuring treasures like Kamaycha, Sarangi, Rawanhatta, Been, Jodiya Pava, Dhad, Manjeera, Morchang, Deru, Damru, and Thali. This authentic selection brings joy to musicians and enthusiasts alike. As artisans and raw materials become scarce, these antique instruments face extinction. We collaborate with regional communities to procure and restore them, ensuring their rarity in retail markets. Perfect for treasuring or gifting, each instrument comes with a booklet detailing its rich history and significance. Immerse yourself in the heritage of India's indigenous musical artistry.

Recycled Decorative Art Objects

Explore our collection of rare and collectible decorative iron figures, individually handcrafted by skilled artisans from the Thar Desert. Each piece is a unique masterpiece, with no two designs alike. Crafted from 100% recycled parts and scrap metal sourced from factories, junkyards, and industries, these sculptures undergo a meticulous process of flattening, cutting, bending, hammering, and welding. Not only do these handcrafted pieces support environmental sustainability, but they also contribute to the creation of new products, diverting metal scraps from landfills. Display these meticulously crafted iron figures with pride, showcasing their artistic quality in curio cabinets or on office desks.

Vintage Vehicles

Immerse yourself in the love and craftsmanship of India with our collection of miniature vehicles. Crafted from brass, iron, aluminum, and wood, these intricately carved pieces hold historical and technological significance, reviving India's traditional toy heritage. Inspired by ancient vehicles from Harappa to Chalcolithic times, these realistic miniatures depict carts, wagons, and chariots drawn by toy animals. Say goodbye to unattractive plastic toys and elevate your home or office with these automotive artworks. Appreciated by collectors and children alike, these miniatures stand out for their fine artistry, impeccable finishes, and superior craftsmanship.

Needle Felted Toys & Ornaments

Explore these delightful 100% biodegradable handmade wool felt toys, perfect for children with their softness, safety, and character—beloved by cats too! Hailing from the Namda craft in regions like Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, and Rajasthan, the Tonk district's Namda cluster, powered by 500 Pinjare artisans, upholds this ancient art. The felt-making process, blending tradition and contemporary tools, yields modern Namda toys featuring vibrant animal figures like elephants, goats, and reindeer. Emerging a decade ago, these toys symbolize the acceptance and unity demonstrated by Tonk, showcasing Hindu-Muslim harmony during British rule in India.

Lifestyle Stationery

Elevate your stationery experience with our range of lifestyle essentials crafted from handmade paper. Our collection features thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted journals, planners, notebooks, pocket diaries, and sketchbooks. Perfect companions for creative expression, organization, and personal reflection, each piece seamlessly blends functionality with artistic beauty. With a variety of options to choose from, DeKulture's lifestyle stationery ensures a unique and enjoyable writing experience. Upgrade your stationery game with our exquisite collection.